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In order to plant ourselves in the universe again, we each must fuel our physical bodies with the ultimate natural root sources the universe has to offer ~ from the inside out!

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TRAVEL Advisor✈️

  • I offer DISCOUNTED vacation packages, or I can book solely flight, hotel, rental car, concert tickets, etc.

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YOGA Teacher🧘‍♀️

  • Aligning Eastern & Western practices to awaken the soul on a daily basis. 

  • By physically working the body through asanas, we can dive deeper into the breath & we are able to think clearly through meditation & then live vicariously through an awakened mindset. 

  • With awareness, the process of “waking up” is in the embodied form. The mind is a servant & we have to remember that we cannot be a master (ego), solely a creator (through the root source) by flowing with the breath.

  • An Ayurvedic diet & practice every day is critical to overall balance with the mind, body & soul. 



  • Don't miss a day & feel ultimately alive with SUPERFOODS (detoxifies, alkalizes, nourishes) & MEDICINAL MUSHROOM (brain functionality, energy, immune support) powders. 

  • I offer the HIGHEST QUALITY, pure & sustainable ingredients from the most respected ORGANIC farmers & ethical wildcrafters around the world. Along with the skincare line, which is EWG verified. ~ check it out! 

  • Wellness & beauty from the INSIDE OUT ~ what you put IN & ON your body matters! 

  • By consuming & covering your body with these nature's remedies, the body's well-being will more easily light up when aligned with these natural sources every single day ~ consistency is key

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"The trip was great, I was pleasantly surprised and am so happy I was able to go. Traveling alone can be daunting, but the group of woman that came together were truly inspiring and I really loved everyone’s company. Would love to do a reunion retreat to see everyone again!" 
~Nicki Gibbons

"To me, this was a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Audrey provided such a unique experience, with a wide variety of activities and experiences, through the lens of a local, and with the collaboration of an outstanding resort. It was an amazing opportunity to slow down, reflect, and exercise my mind and body and live ‘pura vida’ in spectacular Costa Rica!"

~Erica Siddle

"Audrey facilitated a beautiful jungle experience full of light love and yoga. The retreat location was perfect and Audrey's yoga flow on point. It was a great opportunity to commune with nature while deepening my yoga practice and knowledge."

~Veronica DeMary

"Whether you’re looking to get away from the stresses of daily life or searching for tropical experiences- This Audventure retreat will provide you with so many opportunities to unplug and unwind, to reconnect with yourself, others, and nature. It’s a truly multidimensional trip. I learned SO much. I would highly recommend it!"

-Melissa Boals



"So wonderful to have the sage advice from one well travelled who’s been in it now, much more than we, the COVID “homebound!”  From two major hotels to two different rental cars & odd & unusual airline itineraries - Miss Audrey made it all come together seamlessly!  Plus she made a few last minute changes look like a knife through cocoa butter! Everything came off seamlessly. Thanks Audventurism!!  We’ll be back - for sure."

— Gillian & Brett Gregory 


"My fiancé & I were heading to Orlando for a family trip & decided we should take advantage of the parks experience for at least one day while we were there. Audrey was extremely helpful in answering all of our questions prior to making the decision to book the experience. The booking process was quick & easy, we hardly had to do anything beyond showing up at the park on the day of our reservation. Plus, Audrey’s discount helped offset the costs of food & souvenirs we decided to purchase on the day of our visit & we are so grateful for the overall experience! We will be using Audventurism for future trips, car rentals & more!"

— Chloe & Dex Soloman


"A good friend once told me to never question investing in your health. Incorporating these powders was the easiest and best decision I’ve made to take care of myself. My immune system, gut, and mental state all love me for it."

— Joanna Curci


"I absolutely love the LU products.  The ultimate shrooms make me feel like I am doing something healthy for my body, and make me feel less hungry!  The skin care line is fabulous.  Each product makes my skin feel soft and clean, not at all pasty like the commercial products do.


Thanks for the introduction to these products, Audrey!"

— Gina Senz

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